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1116 S Oxford Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006

No Renovation, Only 4 Unit Planning
Bought & Sold 2019

Completed in 3 months

Heart of Los Angeles
3 Bed 3 Bath (1,484 Sq Ft)

PURCHASE PRICE: $1,140,000

RESELL PRICE: $1,275,000
Net Profit: $58,500.00
Investor ROI: 25.66%

(Investment was 20% of purchase price + Plus Construction Advance Costs)

Opportunities in House Flipping


Effective Execution by US Property Development

With expertise in the Real Estate Market, USPD swiftly identifies house flipping opportunities in high growth areas for instant investor returns.

Extensive Research by US Property Development

US Property Development is always analyzing market trends and calculating new opportunities to maximize investment returns. 

closed garage.JPG
open garage.JPG

Bought for $1,140,000 in 2019.
Sold 3 months later for$1,275,000 with complete plans for 4 Unit Housing.

Estimated Value in 2020: $1,466,000 
Estimated Value TODAY (Sept 2021): $1,610,733

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