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Flip Your House is for sellers that want more money!

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What is US Property Development?

U.S. Property Development is a highly reputable Real Estate Investment company that provides exclusive luxury real estate investment opportunities in the westside coast area of Los Angeles, CA.

Each investment opportunity is prepared with extensive market research and analysis, combined with thorough financial analysis to provide the great amount of return per investment.


Why US Property Development?

With a comprehensive team and a proven record of successful investments, US Property Development has prepared the best team to do all the "heavy lifting" for investors. 

From architects, engineers, designers, and more, each project is completed with the upmost expertise and execution.

Investor First. Always.

At US Property Development, investor profit and safety is our highest priority. Along with collateral, a minimum of 10% of the investment amount is given to the investors BEFORE US Property Development takes any profit. 

Our top priority is to provide investors with the most successful ROI in the safest and most effective methods of real estate.

Living. Reimagined. 

U.S. Property Development has earned the reputation as an industry leader in developing boutique residential communities.

Our focus is on designing luxurious and futuristic residential and commercial communities. We strive to provide our residents with a truly exceptional living experience, while ensuring outstanding returns for our investment partners. With our strategic planning and commitment to quality designs combined with our flawless execution, anything is possible. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards and values. Committed to the success of all of its stakeholders, we uphold high standards and values with integrity, creativity, reliability, and attention to details. We owe it to our residents, investors, and communities to design residences that residents proudly call home. 

Full Service. Real Estate Group. 

What Do We Do?

U.S. Property Development conducts research and analyzes current market values in order to provide investors with thorough financial analysis, in an attempt to bring in the highest yield to their return on investment. Given the experience and knowledge we acquired, our financial evaluation of our projects to reflect actual performance, leading to the minimization of risk to investors. We take pride in maintaining our portfolio of investors by providing a one-of-a-kind service that differentiates us from our competitors. Our partner Secured Properties with over $3 billion in real estate transactions in the last 15 years. Also, a founder of Peter Erdelyi & Associates, Mr. Peter Erdelyi, started working professionally as a structural engineer in California since 1974. With over 47 years of experience as structural engineer and in house architects, has designed over 10,000 structures in the Los Angeles area from apartment complexes to single-family residences to additions and remodels for residential and commercial properties.


1 Overview side.jpeg

2061 W MacArthur St

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

New Construction / Renovation

Located in the exclusive Palos Verdes area, this hope was completely renovated as a NEW HOME in 2019 with a 250 SF permitted addition.


Newly built inside and out, this 3 BR, 3 BA features lots of natural light in living area and bedrooms, with large windows and beautiful ocean and harbor views.


general house.JPG

1116 S Oxford Ave

 Los Angeles, CA 

Short-Term House Flipping 

US Property Development not only specializes in the renovation and construction of properties, it always analyzes the market for best investment opportunities

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this home provided a short term flipping opportunity that reduced costs and time while maximizing ROI. 

1- overview.jpeg

5320 Ironwood St

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

New Construction / Renovation

Located in the amazing Silver Spur neighborhood, this brand new 4 Bed plus 3 Bath house was taken down to the studs and rebuilt to extravagance.

The newest and most modern home in the neighborhood features new roof, open floor plan, and expansion of 450 SF to make the house the perfect entertainment house.




3435 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 2510

Los Angeles, CA 90010



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