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Business Meeting

Acquisitions & Dispositions

Our acquisition team is trained to identify new investment properties and constantly learn new zoning laws, in order to guarantee accurate calculations. With over 25 years of experience in standard sales, probate sales, trust deed sales, and REOs, our acquisition team has a diverse range of techniques to pinpoint properties to bring investors dividends. Both our acquisitions and dispositions team are familiar with negotiations to effectively benefit both our investors and company. 

Construction Engineer


Our analyst team emphases the most experienced Real Estate agents in all of Los Angeles County. All of our agents have earned and positioned themselves as a high profile analyst of the Real Estate market. We individually possess a substantial amount of clienteles who are constantly demanding our knowledge on making their next investment. Our agents, as individuals, have peaked on their individual performance and now, as a team, we can better accomplish our common goal of bringing in new investment projects to our investors. 

Joint Ventures

With our expertise in development and your financial support, we’re able to match you with a first-rate investment project to bring you profitable return. Our investors can count on our extensive knowledge and experience in development to bring deals to successfully close. We consistently maximize profit for our clients, leading to high client satisfaction and beginning a long lasting relationship. The investments are secured by the Deed of Trust of the project property which makes it safer investments. 

Blue Print


Our architectural and engineering team has extensive knowledge and experience in designing multi-family residential and commercial Real Estate. The architects and engineers are hand-picked to specialize in constructing modernized Real Estate while following the County and City of Los Angeles ever-changing zoning codes, regulations, and conditions. From residential and commercial to co-living, we are more than familiar with inventing high quality and stylish properties! 

House Hunt


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Business Conference

Secured Properties

With over $3 billion in real estate transactions in the last 15 years, Secured Properties have been the dominant commercial & residential real estate brokerage, leasing representative and property management firm in the Los Angeles area where Keith Nam is under. Secured Properties have established a track record of maximizing record breaking return on investment in a single transaction. Secured Properties takes a different approach by creating opportunities by finding off-market properties and completing those transactions off-market with discretion. This is a result from their long-standing and highly reputable relationships and their mission to provide unparalleled, focused personal attention and service to each and every single client. 

Peter Erdelyi & Associates

Peter Erdelyi, the founder and owner of Peter Erdelyi & Associates, started working professionally as a structural engineer in California since 1974. Together with his team, they have designed over 10,000 structures in the Los Angeles area from apartment complexes to single-family residences to additions and remodels for residential and commercial properties. The team within Peter Erdelyi & Associates includes professional engineers, drafters, expeditors and project staff who will deliver plans exceeding your expectations. Whether you are upgrading or constructing an existing structure, Peter Erdelyi & Associates has the expertise to oversee your project and deliver remarkable execution. 



Our founder, Keith Nam, has been working with professional contractors and developers in the Real Estate market within Los Angeles County since 2005.


Keith began his career as a residential and commercial Real Estate agent, consulting his clients on making intelligent purchases. Over the years, Keith has gathered the best Real Estate team to create the best possible assessments for his clientele. We are currently working with small investors and well experienced savvy venture capitalists. Our investors are very pleased with our joint venture model, investing only 20% of the project costs, while U.S. Property Development supplies the remaining 80% to fund all projects. We are transparent with our expenses and other financials, gaining our investors’ trust and leading to a lengthy, beneficial relationship. We carefully evaluate, analyze, and hand pick each project that will yield the highest return on our investments.


Realtor / Investor / Marketing Director


Tel: 213-284-0767

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