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What is US Property Development?

U.S. Property Development is a highly reputable Real Estate Investment company that provides exclusive luxury real estate investment opportunities in the westside coast area of Los Angeles, CA.

Each investment opportunity is prepared with extensive market research and analysis, combined with thorough financial analysis to provide the great amount of return per investment.


Why US Property Development?

With a comprehensive team and a proven record of successful investments, US Property Development has prepared the best team to do all the "heavy lifting" for investors. 

From architects, engineers, designers, and more, each project is completed with the upmost expertise and execution.

Flip Your House is for sellers that want more money!

Investor First. Always.

At US Property Development, investor profit and safety is our highest priority. Along with collateral, a minimum of 10% of the investment amount is given to the investors BEFORE US Property Development takes any profit. 

Our top priority is to provide investors with the most successful ROI in the safest and most effective methods of real estate.